Private Label Air Filters

Customized Air Filtration Solutions - Your Brand, Our Expertise.

Partner with Air Sponge to offer high-quality, private label air filters that reflect your brand's commitment to excellence.

Private label air conditioner filters

Tailored to Your Brand’s Unique Identity.

At Air Sponge, we understand the importance of brand individuality. That's why our private label air filters are more than just products; they're a reflection of your brand's values and quality standards.
With a variety of sizes, efficiency ratings, and types like Pleated and Carbon, our customization options are designed to meet your specific needs. Let us help you make a statement in the market with air filters that truly represent your brand.

Wide Range of Customization

We offer various media options with MERV ratings ranging from 7 -14. As well as media to handle V.O.C.'s & odors as well.


BioSponge is a highly efficient air filter media. Its Aegis microbe shield eliminates the filter as a potential breeding ground for micro-organisms.


It’s special blend of polymers create a high, stable active charge on every fiber of the air filter. This charge causes pollutants to stick to it like a magnet to steel. 


Activated carbon air filters have the ability to capture gas molecules and hold them. The air filter surface is made up of millions of tiny pores, the gas and odors fall into these pores and are trapped there until the pad is disposed of. 

Air Sponge

Three Decades of Experience

For over three decades, the Air Sponge Filter Company has specialized in providing private-label air filters, catering to the HVAC, duct cleaning, and maintenance trades. Our extensive experience and dedication to quality have made us a trusted name in delivering efficient and reliable air filtration solutions. This expertise reflects our commitment to enhancing air quality and system performance in various professional settings, making us a go-to source for specialized filtration needs.

*Unmatched Quality: Every filter meets stringent quality standards.
*Extensive Customization: From size to type, tailor every aspect.
*Competitive Pricing: Premium quality at market-competitive prices.
*Brand Enhancement: Strengthen your brand identity with custom labeling.
*Eco-Friendly Options: Commit to sustainability with green choices.

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